Seasons of the Mind

Green_v1There’s a tree outside and from the seat by the window I’m able to look out at it. I also find myself looking through it and to the sky beyond. Past few days its been a dull and grey sky, totally without feature. The tree has been waving in the wind doing whatever it is trees do, no doubt totally oblivious to my existence. Nonetheless the leaves have been lit in different ways through the day.

Today the sky is brighter. White and grey clouds rush by behind it along with some sunshine and blue.

Sometimes I don’t notice the tree much because, like recently, I’ve been on a total downer. The will to bother completely sucked out of me. One long sigh which is struggling to let up. Still for random unknown reasons I will turn my head and find myself looking at the tree. Autumn is here and the leaves are beginning to turn and fall. Nice colours, constantly changing in the light. Amazing really. No use whatsoever in a numbers world but I don’t care about numbers like that.

The changing light is blown through the tree like the emotions blow through my head. When its dark I hunker down and hope it will go soon. When it gets light I need to remember to get up and run, run for my life to make the most out of it. To enjoy being me.


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